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Your Google My Profile or Google My Business page is one of your most important marketing assets you have to promote your business online. Regardless of if your a web designer in Wagga or an electrician your GMP is super important.

  • 99% of businesses don’t use their GMP profile to full effect to get new leads;
  • After almost 10 years people still don’t know what a GMP or GMB is;
  • Most customers don’t know where to start or how to get access;
  • Some of our competitors charge over $200 to provide updates under a GMP service. Crazy, when did you update your profile last.
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  • What is a GMP or GMB?

    Google Business Profile (GMP) is a free tool offered by Google that allows business owners to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. It helps customers find your business and tells them your story.

    It was first launched in 2014 and has gone through some name changes over time such as Google Local Business and Google My Business. 

  • How do I create a Google Business Profile?

    You can set up a Google My Profile by going to the following address and searching for your business:


  • Why is verifying my business important on Google?

    Verification is crucial as it ensures the accuracy of your business information on Google and gives you full control over your business details. It also builds trust with your customers. 

    There are two things here to consider when verifying because the process will be different. 

    1. If you are a brick-and-mortar business you will need to verify by sometimes using a Google My Profile App on your phone to walk a Google representative through your business and show them your signage.
    2. A service area business doesn’t need the same verification but can be created with your basic ABN, phone, postage and email details. 

    Gone are the days when Google sent out a postcard and you would use the code on that postcode to verify your business. 

  • How can I improve my business’s visibility on Google?

    Post regular updates to the page including blog posts and stories and you’ll find it makes a difference to your rankings. 

  • How do I claim my business on GMP?

    To claim your GMP, this can happen one of two ways, you can go to the address https://business.google.com/add OR you can simply search for your business and click on the link that says “Own this Business” or “Claim this business”.

    From here it will take you to a verificaion page asking a few questions about who you are.

  • How do I know if I have access?

    You will know if you have access to your Google My Profile by searching for your business on Google. If you have a dashboard of things you can do with your business presented to you at the top then you have access. Please note you should be signed into Google before you conduct your search.

  • What do I need to claim my business

    All you need is the previous owner to acknowledge your claim or if it’s a new businesss you will need to prove to Google you are a legit business. This can be done via a video conference walk around to show them your signage and the office.

  • How can customer reviews on Google Business Profile impact my business?

    This would be my primary purpose for using the GMP.  You really want your customer to make contact any which way they can but ideally, you have more influence over their decision if it’s from your website. In order for your website to rank against your competitor though your reviews will help you climbing the rankings. 

  • Can I track how many clicks I get from my GMB?

    Yes, Google Business Profile provides insights that show how customers find your listing on Search and Maps, and what actions they take, such as visiting your website or calling your business.

  • How do I use my Google Posts?

    It’s not always appropriate for businesses to use GMP to post Google Posts but if it is then it will allow you to share updates, events, offers, and more directly on your Google Business Profile. These posts can help you engage with customers and keep your business information fresh and relevant. For for example, I might promote a new website launch I’ve done recently or some form of accolade I’ve collected. 🙂

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