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  1. Planning of website content

    We’ll put together a broad plan before anything so that we know what we’re producing aligns to an overall goal and strategy.

  2. Consult

    We do a consult with the client and a deep dive into their brand.

  3. Review existing customer research

    Pretty simple, we need to know if your customers are talking to you about what they’d like to see you do. Surveys, testimonials and surveys are good examples of this.

  4. Messaging strategy

    Messaging strategy is where the copy writer can get more specific about the approach. We already have the basics of a plan, an insight into your brand and some feedback from clients. The next part is all about messaging and having a clear message that sells.

  5. Copy document

    A copy document is like a content planner, in other area’s of our service you’ll hear about the content planner and how this sets out our structure of our websites. The copy editor or copy writer will work on this document with you to get the best possible wording.

  6. How many words per page - it depends 500 is a good number though

    We sometimes may go more or less depending on the page and the requirements

  7. Revisions

    You always need revisions to get something perfect. Step away from your computer and come back in an hour and you’ll always notice things with that blog article or letter you wrote that didn’t stand out before.

  8. Proofreading

    Yes, proofreading comes in handy. We’ll read it and reread it but even better a third party reads the content and will have edits. You’ll read it and have your edits and we’ll get something that really is perfect by the end of the process.


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