What inspired the start of Get Leads AU

Get Leads AU was inspired by a combination of market need and personal passion. Our founder, Jason Greenlees, saw that while Wagga had a flourishing business community, many local businesses struggled to make their mark online. With his background in digital marketing and business development, Jason realised with his in-depth experience he could fill this gap. Jason noticed that while national-level marketing strategies were aplenty, a localised approach that understood the nuances of Wagga’s market was scarce. People value face-to-face interaction and someone they know when they have a question they can call or ask to come in for a coffee.

Jason envisioned a marketing agency that would not just offer cookie-cutter strategies, but rather tailor each campaign to the unique needs of businesses in the Riverina region. He believed in the power of digital marketing to transform businesses from surviving to thriving, even in a rural city like Wagga. This vision was supported by his belief that local businesses deserve the same level of expertise and digital prowess as their big-city counterparts.

Get Leads AU is thus a tribute to Wagga’s entrepreneurial spirit and a solution designed to bridge the digital divide, offering world-class marketing strategies with a local touch.

Jason Greenlees / Wagga's best website designer

Get Leads AU – your partner in both online marketing and Wagga Web Design

In the heart of the Riverina, businesses are teeming with passion and expertise. Yet, there’s a critical piece of the puzzle that’s often missing – getting customers to consistently knock on the door. Enter Get Leads AU, Wagga’s newest ally in online marketing was born out of a mission to ensure that local businesses thrive online while continuing to do what they love.

For 18 years Jason Greenlees ran Angry Ant Web Design, in that time he built an agency with over 140 clients and delivered professional-grade websites for Wagga businesses. He accumulated loads of custom web design experience and saw many Wagga businesses flourish by using optimisation and content strategies implemented on sites. However, for him it wasn’t efficient or effective and didn’t leverage the skills of others enough to grow the business at the rate he was happy with.

One of the most frustrating things was customers getting upset with their web designs taking far longer than promised. Why? Numerous factors usually entered the equation but all of this has been taken away with Get Lead’s new capabilities and effectively utilising SOPs that work. Workshop whenever possible and deliver results not just websites. 

For Jason, Wagga’s web design experience was not simply limited to Wagga but also Griffith, Leeton, Albury and Narrandera to name a few outlier townships. While he was proud to of started with Angry Ant Web Design this led to a more thorough understanding of the industry. It also leads to a lot of healthcare web design customers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors and even Pulse+IT, Australia’s biggest healthcare article provider and other professional-based companies. 

From this you can see experience in web design is key to building a successful digital agency and now with Get Leads AU is taking things even further for web design Wagga and the Riverina. Get Leads has a new team of designers and new developers, copywriters and photographers. It’s using as much local Wagga Wagga talent as possible while leveraging specialist services where it makes sense and hiring locally from teams like Articulate Pear in Griffith. These guys know a thing or two about branding benefits any professional website design.

The Mission at Heart, not just Wagga Websites:

At Get Leads AU, our understanding is that the backbone of Wagga is its business community. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to provide quality, effective online management services tailored to the needs of businesses in the Wagga and Riverina area. We’re not just about leads; we’re about opening a stream of opportunities so your customers keep returning, ensuring your business is as lively online as it is offline.

Our Local Service Area:

At Get Leads AU, we’re proud to serve the vibrant communities that make up the Riverina region of New South Wales. Our heart lies in the thriving townships from Wagga Wagga to Albury, Tumut to Gundagai, Griffith to Young, Cootamundra to Narrandera, and beyond. We understand the local market dynamics and are dedicated to providing digital strategies that reflect the unique qualities of these diverse areas.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

Crafted for efficiency and effectiveness, our services at Get Leads AU Wagga are designed to keep your digital presence robust:

  • Website Management: Leave the complexities of managing your website to us. From updates to security, we ensure your site runs smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.
  • Website Hosting: Speed and reliability are the hallmarks of our hosting service. With Get Leads AU, your website is hosted on secure, high-performance servers with guaranteed uptime.
  • Website Marketing: We craft marketing strategies that increase your visibility, engage your audience, and turn visitors into customers with targeted campaigns across various digital platforms.
  • Website Design: Our designs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about creating a user experience that is intuitive, engaging, and reflective of your brand identity.
  • Website Development: We build websites that are not only visually appealing but also robust, scalable, and SEO-friendly, providing a solid foundation for your online presence.
  • SEO: With a finger on the pulse of the latest in SEO, we optimize your website for search engines, helping you climb the rankings and become the go-to in your industry.

All about you and providing tailored Digital Solutions for Experts in Their Field:

  • Engineers: We craft digital strategies that communicate the precision, innovation, and technical prowess of engineering firms.
  • Solicitors and Lawyers: Get Leads AU understands the unique digital needs of legal professionals. We provide tailored strategies that uphold the dignity of the profession while effectively communicating your expertise to prospective clients.
  • Accountants: In the world of accounting, where trust and precision are paramount, Get Leads AU offers digital strategies that emphasize these qualities and draw in the clientele you seek.
  • Healthcare Professionals: From doctors to specialists, we build and manage medical websites that prioritize patient trust, confidentiality, and accessibility.
  • Dental Practices: Our approach for dentists combines an inviting online presence with informational content to help ease patient anxieties and promote dental health.
  • Architects: We design digital showcases that highlight the vision, projects, and artistry of architectural professionals.

For these sectors and more, Get Leads AU isn’t just about providing a service; it’s about understanding the ethos of your profession and translating that into a digital narrative that resonates with your audience.

Why Local Matters:

We believe that local businesses are the fabric of Wagga’s identity. Yet, in a digital world, distance is no longer a barrier to competition. Our expertise ensures that your digital strategy isn’t just on par, but a step ahead of the rest, keeping the local community and beyond engaged and invested in what you do. Businesses need to use their Wagga websites more effectively as their marketing hub and not just as a brochure that one person visited at that time.

Coffee at Larrys Cafe Best Street Wagga working on some Web Design

Why we’re different

At Get Leads AU, we approach every website project with a proprietary eight-point content formula designed to deliver tangible results. 

Our content strategy is a masterful blend of psychological touchpoints and strategic marketing principles. We really know the best way to move the needed when building websites for Wagga Wagga clients.

We initiate by sparking inspiration, tapping into the core desires that drive your clients’ decisions. Then, we subtly underscore the urgency through the fear of loss, motivating action by highlighting what’s at stake. 

But it’s not just about motivation; it’s about painting a vivid picture of a better life, a professional future enriched by achieving goals that once seemed just out of reach. This dual-threaded approach – aspiration coupled with the caution of loss – is meticulously woven into content that resonates deeply, compels decisively, and converts consistently. 

Our method isn’t just a series of steps; it’s a proven alchemy that turns browsers into believers and visitors into valued customers.

Our Commitment:

At Get Leads AU, your business is our passion project. We commit to:

  • Crafting personalised strategies that align with your unique business model.
  • Keeping the line of communication open, clear, and consistent.
  • Providing transparent metrics that show not just growth, but sustainable success.


Our mission at Get Leads AU is to be the bridge between your work and your customers. With our suite of online management services, Wagga businesses can focus on their passion, knowing their online presence is compelling, competitive, and continually evolving. Because when you do what you love, and customers keep arriving, that’s not just success; it’s satisfaction.

Let’s map a path together.

As Get Leads AU charts a course for the future, our vision is clear: to double our footprint in the Wagga website business within the next two years. 

Our plan is elegantly simple yet robust, centred on nurturing our team’s growth, fostering innovation, and expanding our client base through unparalleled service. 

We’re committed to creating wealth for those who work diligently and shine in their roles, acknowledging that our success is a reflection of their hard work and dedication. 

We envision a future where our staff numbers are not just a testament to our growth, but also a beacon of the prosperity we bring to our team. Through strategic partnerships, continuous professional development, and a relentless focus on results-driven solutions, Get Leads AU is poised to not just meet but exceed our ambitious goals, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the digital arena.

Let’s open the doors wider and let the world in. Get in touch with Get Leads AU today, and let’s start this journey together.

Wagga Web Desgin

Jason Greenlees

Jason is the CEO of Regional Web Developer, one of the original founders of Angry Ant Web and a passionate WordPress educator. If you're interested in learning directly from Jason, you can book him for a one-to-one session.

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