Why our Website Hosting and Management is the best in Wagga

With our “Nerdy Thirty” website ingredients, Get Leads AU Wagga sets a new standard for website hosting, especially in terms of security, speed, and backup/redundancy. Let’s delve into the details of the first ten ingredients, all focused on providing unparalleled security for your website.

Wagga's Best Website Hosting and Website Management

Website Security

Security and Firewalls

At Get Leads AU Wagga, we understand the importance of robust security measures. That’s why we employ multiple layers of both software and hardware firewalls, incorporating up to five different filtering systems. This comprehensive approach ensures your site is shielded from an array of threats, keeping your data safe and secure.

Crowd-Based IP Filtering

Our innovative crowd-based IP attack system is centrally managed and updated regularly, offering a dynamic defense against various forms of cyberattacks. This system not only protects against common login attacks but is also effective against ten different styles of attack vectors, providing a broad spectrum of protection.

WordFence Security Suite

We equip every website with WordFence, a leading security plugin known for its effectiveness in stopping brute force attacks, conducting malware scans, and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for users. This setup is a standard part of our offering, ensuring your website benefits from top-tier security measures for peace of mind.

XML-RPC Disable

Recognizing potential vulnerabilities, we disable XML-RPC by default on WordPress sites. While it facilitates remote posting to your site using a username and password, it also presents an unnecessary risk. By disabling it, we close off this potential access point to unauthorized users.

SSL Certification via Let’s Encrypt

We automatically issue SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt using DNS-01 authentication for domains and DNS hosted by us. This automated solution is complemented by implementing HSTS and various security headers to prevent data hijacking. Our advanced approach to SSL certification and security headers places us ahead of the competition.

Restricted Server Level Access

Unlike typical hosting services that offer SSH or command-line access, we restrict this access to ensure heightened security. SSH access is only possible from known hosts and requires a generated private and public key, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Firewall at the Hosting Environment Level

We maintain a secure hosting environment by keeping only essential ports open for website traffic. This is bolstered by our use of Runcloud for additional server-level management and security, ensuring that our firewall setup is both effective and comprehensive.

Server Updates and Scanning

Our servers are regularly updated with the latest malware scanning software, going beyond the application layer to provide a secure platform. This proactive approach ensures that our servers remain protected against emerging threats.

Security Audits

We conduct regular security audits through third-party services to align our sites and servers with the highest security standards. These audits have led to significant security enhancements, even for sites with government-level security requirements.

Individual Site User Credentials

Every site hosted by us has unique user credentials, ensuring that a breach in one site does not compromise the security of others. This best practice approach to user management further secures our clients’ digital assets.

These ten ingredients of our “Nerdy Thirty” showcase our commitment to providing the most secure website hosting solution in the Riverina. Stay tuned for the next segments, where we’ll discuss how we optimize speed and ensure robust backup and redundancy for your websites.

Bonus Helpful Tip For Testing Your Website Hosting

  1. Test Security Headers – This is for mac users out there open your shell or command line and type the following command:
    curl ‘*’ -I https://yourwebsiteaddress.com.au

    Results – Your site should be running PHP 8.0 at least and the security header should say strict and no-sniff. The more in these results generally the better.
  2. Test RPC-XML – This is for anyone, simply open your website browser and enter the following after your website address. https://www.getleads.au/xml-rpc.php (you should get access denied)

I feel the need, the need for speed – Wagga’s fastest websites

The second set of ten ingredients in the “Nerdy Thirty” focuses on speed, a critical factor for any successful website. Get Leads AU Wagga harnesses the power of the latest technology and software stacks, ensuring your website is not only fast but scales with your business. Here’s how we make your website lightning-fast:

Open Litespeed Server

Our preferred web server, Open Litespeed, is known for its flexibility and the ability to customize caching configurations significantly, ensuring your site’s load time is under three seconds. It supports advanced CDN setups like Quic.Cloud and incorporates special settings for browser-based caching and performance, offering a superior speed advantage.


For even faster database query caching, every site we host is configured with Redis. This integration with Open Litespeed Server ensures that your website’s data retrieval is as swift as possible, enhancing overall performance.


While many are familiar with WP Rocket, we prefer Perfmatters for its straightforward effectiveness in optimizing website speed. It allows for easy optimization of CSS and Javascript, crucial for achieving a balance between speed and website functionality.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Transparency is key, which is why we use Google PageSpeed Insights to provide monthly reports to our clients on their website’s speed. This tool helps us ensure your site maintains optimal performance, offering insights that many wouldn’t dare share.

The Fastest Website Builders

We utilise Bricks Builder and Oxygen Builder for site construction, prioritizing speed and efficiency over bulkier alternatives like Elementor or DIVI. These builders provide a leaner package delivery, contributing to faster site speeds and a smoother user experience.

Speed of Updates

Beyond initial loading times, the ease and speed of updating a website are crucial. Our tests show that native builders like Bricks and Oxygen are significantly faster for updates compared to platforms like SquareSpace, especially when deviating from template limitations.

Regular Crawling and Caching

With the Litespeed Cache Crawler, our hosted sites are regularly crawled and cached, ensuring they’re always primed for the quickest possible response times. This ongoing optimization process keeps your site speedy and efficient.

Real-Time Code Exclusion with Perfmatters

Perfmatters offers a unique feature that allows for the real-time exclusion of unnecessary code on specific pages. This means that we can streamline your site’s performance without the need for additional coding to remove redundant plugin code.

GTMetrix Testing

Every site we launch undergoes GTMetrix testing, with the results shared with our clients. This practice underscores our commitment to delivering fast, high-quality websites, allowing clients to see the tangible benefits of our hosting solutions.

Image Optimisation with Open Litespeed

Image optimization is vital for site speed, and Open Litespeed excels in this area with no additional plugins or CDNs. Through Quic.cloud, images are optimised automatically, ensuring your site remains fast and visually appealing.

These ten speed-focused ingredients of our “Nerdy Thirty” highlight our commitment to delivering the fastest website hosting solution in the market. By prioritizing speed through groundbreaking technology and optimization techniques, we ensure your website not only meets but exceeds performance expectations.

Nobody ever said they had too many website backups

The final set of ten ingredients in the “Nerdy Thirty” underscores the paramount importance of redundancy and backup systems in web hosting. This comprehensive approach ensures that, in the event of any issue, your website remains secure, intact, and swiftly recoverable. Let’s explore these critical components:

Wasabi Backups

Utilising Wasabi for backups exemplifies our commitment to groundbreaking technology. With daily instance backups at the application level, we guarantee a site can be redeployed within five minutes of any issue, offering an unparalleled recovery time.

IAS Volume and Snapshot Cloud Backups

Our investment in daily VPS server backups, including both IAS Volume and Snapshot backups, ensures comprehensive protection. This system allows for the rapid restoration of multiple websites simultaneously and maintains off-site backups for global redundancy, showcasing our robust disaster recovery capabilities.

Uptime Robot Monitoring

With Uptime Robot, we monitor site availability and specific errors, such as database issues or shopping cart problems. This proactive monitoring ensures immediate awareness and response to any site disruptions, maintaining optimal site performance.

WP Vivid Backups

Acknowledging the adage that one can never have too many backups, we utilise WP Vivid for incremental backups every six hours. This, combined with our use of BackBlaze and Wasabi, creates a multi-layered backup strategy that offers exceptional data protection.

Mail Redundancy with MailGun

Recognizing the critical role of email communication for websites, we employ Mailgun for email relay services. This ensures reliable email delivery, with detailed tracking and reporting on email performance, adding an extra layer of reliability to our hosting services.

Centralised Management

Moving beyond spreadsheet management, we leverage a centralized management solution for overseeing security updates, patches, and integrations with services like Google Analytics. This system allows for efficient and comprehensive management of all hosted websites.

Support from Runcloud

Our partnership with Runcloud provides around-the-clock support for servers and applications. They’re all-in-one management system supports a wide range of infrastructure providers, offering specialised WordPress plugin support and ensuring our hosting solutions are always at the cutting edge. We have an agency account with Runcloud who provide us updates and server imaging and support.

Global Agency Network

Being part of a global network of web development agencies allows us to share resources, knowledge, and support. This collaboration enhances our capabilities and ensures we can provide comprehensive support and innovative solutions to our clients.

Strategised Website Hosting Support Techniques

We understand that each website has unique hosting and management needs. Our approach involves grouping websites by type (e.g., eCommerce, specific CMS) and maintaining a zero-trust security posture, ensuring no server exceeds 50% capacity before scaling, which guarantees optimal performance.

Regional Web Developer Network

As a member of the regional web developer network, we collaborate with other agencies to support regional Australia. This network allows us to provide or get specialised services, ensuring that each project benefits from the best expertise in design and development.

These ten ingredients focusing on redundancy and backup systems highlight our holistic approach to web hosting. By prioritising robust backup solutions, proactive monitoring, and strategic collaborations, Get Leads AU Wagga ensures your website is not only fast and secure but also resilient against any unforeseen issues.

IT guys should not be managing website hosting and websites

My background is rooted in a deep respect for IT professionals; I’m not only university-educated in Information Technology but also have postgraduate training in the field. My experience includes collaborating with numerous IT experts who possess the skills to construct websites.

This underscores my belief that we should each focus on our areas of expertise. The realms of IT are vast, covering email, networking, and server management, making it impractical for any one individual to claim expertise in all these areas.

Website development exemplifies this diversity. Each site is unique, featuring different software, licenses, and application-level requirements that are often overlooked by general IT professionals. These individuals might know how to link a database with a file system for a WordPress site, but the nuances of managing a website’s application layer require specialized knowledge.

I hope this sheds light on the complexity of website management and underscores the importance of entrusting such tasks to a dedicated digital web agency.

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